07 February 2014

The Perks of Strep

I've come down with the sickness and now, after two shots in the bum, a bunch of antibiotics and salt rinses later, I have the time (a week) and energy away from work to reflect. This is what I've decided : having strep (besides the whole nasty bacteria in the back of my throat problem) was a great thing to have come into my life at this moment. Here's why :
  • watching all eight Harry Potter's in a row
  • getting back to sketching
  • naps whenever I please
  • writing
  • a stay - (in bed) - cation
  • lost about six pounds
  • sitting with my roommate until 2 PM before finally actually doing something
  • tea
  • decorating my apartment
  • the care of my mama and papa
  • reading
  • realizing this blog needed major TLC
  • texting my mom and best friend a lot
  • being in bed wrapped up in two comforters while the heat is set to 70
  • having an excuse to be anti-social
  • writing down my ideas
Perhaps most importantly, that in this whirlwind of working full time and being involved in many things and many lives I might not have focused on doing nothing and allowed my creative energy to shine through anymore. I missed starting projects and then eventually getting them done. I even missed pacing my personal space. I'm a creative person and I had lost that quite a bit. Forty hours a week is a lot to commit to a spot where you're there just to fill a role. I still love my job but I might need to remember that I love my not-job life more. I'd like to refocus on rebuilding that, even with a stuffy nose.

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