30 June 2012

There Ain't No Landscape Like a Flagstaff Landscape

Buffalo Park
There's magic in the fact that Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks are able to awe me all over again. 

20 June 2012

Why I Still Love America...

Upon returning to the homestead, I expected extreme reverse culture shock. And while I'm still slightly surprised when people speak English at the ridiculously large SuperTarget, there are lots of reasons I'm happy to be home

- family, friends and the fellow hikers that smile and say "Mornin'" to you
- the fresh air of Flagstaff
- peanut butter and pancakes
- real hugs
- the promise of all the little projects waiting to be done...

And I think that the last point is where my blog will be headed; chronicling the life that continues to be a scavenger hunt. A hunt for laughs and interesting facts; good times with good people; weird recipes and craft projects; hikes and bikes and not-tripe. Whether or not anyone reads this, I've enjoyed logging away the memories and discoveries and realized that it doesn't have to be the end. I want to keep exploring, keep getting-to-know and keep hunting.

16 June 2012

New Yawk Chilis

Breaking US ground with a lovely New York layover spent reminiscing in Indian food paradise with a delightful old friend!

14 June 2012

Muddy Feet and Stinky Cheese

With muddy feet, a bike ride and a last morning spent underneath the goats' butts, I bid goodbye to the farm.

I'm glad I was able to enter into a world I would've never been able to experience otherwise; 'twas the farm life : down and dirty, full of jolly people, animal excrements and fresh cheese.

Now there were just a few jumps, skips and layovers across the little ocean Atlantic before I'd be back in the ol' USA.

And this is where milk comes from...

And this is the joy it brings!

10 June 2012

London Won't Stop Calling Me

I'm not quite sure what to say about London. It felt live-able, like it doesn't need an explanation. It is everything it promises to be : lively, cozy and never short of stormy skies.

Queen's Jubilee

London Calls Me Again : Hipster Edition

Camden Market

Find yourself alone at Field Day London 2012? No worries! Pose as an art student and you'll be fine. I went around the festival taking pictures of kids and asking them what inspired them to dress this way = insta-friends

Best Friends Photo Bomb

07 June 2012

London Calls Me Back

Free Sit-in Drawing lesson!

At the sit-in drawing lesson, I nuzzled myself in a corner to draw a pompous general of sorts. Twenty minutes later, this man from Canada showed me the drawing he made.