27 March 2012

Dodo's Conundrum

1. Wear new party dress
2. Take afternoon train to Paris
3. Go to Bataclan Club
4. Watch opening band
7. Paris bistro dinner
8. AH? What do we do now, it's midnight!? (midnight in Paris does not include Owen Wilson)
9. Go to train station, freak out..
10. Umm, oh look! A free club open until 5 am
11. Get sunglasses and dance at The Iguana
12. Too tired, pain aux raisins.
13. Train back to Montpellier

14. Vow to become better at taking pictures of people and steadier video

23 March 2012

No Class, Friday Sass

Cancelled Class = studying + trip to Musée Fabre + wine with friends + weird-oh play

And perhaps the life of an aristocratic elderly man.
One can pretend.

21 March 2012

Le Poisson Rouge Qui A la Mémoire de 3 Secondes

I'd like to present to you the goldfish with a 3 second memory
He often does his errands
He often meets new people

For him, life is always a surprise.

18 March 2012

Championnat National d'Ultimate

For a little bit, my life was 3 skipped days of class for a 22 hour road trip to Nantes in order to play a 36 hour French National Championship of Ultimate Frisbee. All that I'm left with is sore legs, memories, some photos of a suspension bridge and a dark video of my teammates rapping.

A scrappy Montpellierian crew left Wednesday afternoon to Nantes in a short bus with high hopes. After our arrival early in the morning, we checked into the hotel for just a little rest. Thursday morning we found ourself in an empty gym standing across from the biggest tools I have ever seen : huge thighs, short shorts and scum-staches. We lost the dirty match. Next team was an engineering school from Strasbourg and perhaps one of the most cordial teams I've ever met. And so the day and Friday went, 'skying' the different cities 25 minute matches at a time.

Overall we got 9th out of 15th; not-too-shabby considering we'd only practiced a total of two months together. France takes their frisbee serious, a concept a little difficult for me to grasp. However, through all the intense strategy talks, opponent evaluation cards and the bureaucratic pomp and circumstance; the true spirit of the silly game of frisbee lives on.

10 March 2012

The Experiment : E 'n R's Stovetop Apple Pie

Have a sweet tooth? Don't have an oven? Find yourself only having stale bread, apples, sugar and raisins? No worries, you've got a dessert!

Stale bread
2 Apples
Golden Raisins
Tea bag of Chai Tea

In a large saucepan sauté up the chopped apples in a generous heap of butter and sugar. Meanwhile, soak the stale bread in a cup of Chai tea, milk (or cream and water) with more sugar. Once the apples look brownish, add the bread and golden raisins. Let simmer until a thick, pretty much disgusting consistency. Then in a separate sauté pan, melt some butter. That's right, Paula Deen style. Put your bread-apple mixture in the sauté pan patty-style and fry. This will create a 'crispy' texture. Add sugar to taste. And there you go, a heart attack without an oven!

06 March 2012

When homework strikes...

This evening I found myself actually having to do homework. GASP. This was for my comic drawing class