31 August 2011

My New Place of Residence, Part I

Place de la Comédie

After a relaxing train ride through the French countryside, Mom and I arrived in Montpellier! 
Instantly, it felt better than Paris. Warm, friendly and my skin color finally seems to blend in. I got the sense that my new city is an 

eternal summer playground.

For the first time this trip I was able to relax and sleep. After some napping, we hit the pavement to La Place de la Comèdie. The square was bustling with tourists, children on scooters and terrace cafés. After a quick tour, we finally settled down to a proper meal that didn't consist of just butter and bread. The waiter struggled with me through my French and even helped with proper pronunciations. We had a perfect spot for people watching and a little accordion player serenaded us with his charm.
I'm sure its a very old statue/fountain with lots of meaning

I checked into my dorm with many bumps, such as walking through Montpellier with a big-ass suitcase, not understanding anything at check-in, thinking a window was a sliding glass door and finding out that the big-ass suitcase was really big going up the stairs. That being said; my dorm is lovely. Which means: tiny, has a window, is my own and very white. Saturday I have all day to go to IKEA for sheets and color. 

29 August 2011

The City of... Des Petits Choses.

la Place Madeleine
It's the little things that I'm enjoying the most in the hustle and bustle of Paris. Like that the sink says chaud et froid rather than hot and cold, the exits are marked sortie, tes toilettes cost .50 euros and everyone seems a little sarcastic with me as I try to spit out the French I learned from textbooks.

90 euro macaroons!
Jetlagged, we've done well. Mom and I took the necessary boat tour, spritzed ourselves with Parisian perfume and have drank our weight in coffee (although I could use much more before I would actually feel awake). Today was a bright sunny day where we got what felt like a private tour of Napoleon III's apartment at the Louvre (hardly anyone was there at 9 and I got in fo' free!). Napoleon was a gaudy man and the hunting murals in the dining hall would make any animal lover shove their plate across the table. Through the chandeliers and windows you can see some vain reasoning in taking people's taxes and using them for personal gain.

l'Ile de la Cité
Après, we walked along the Seine river and every once in a while the sun would hit the water and gold plated statues in a way that convinced you that the city might be enchanted.

Enter the tour bus
As the day went on, the population flood gates burst. Soon there were too many tourists mixed in with too many annoyed Parisians pushing their way through said tourists. After naptime, we hit the streets in search of la cuisine française and ended up with a mediocre tourist café. However, I'm glad we came to Paris before zooming through the country to the southern comforts of my future home; I've learned to mumble and purse my lips and soon enough, I'll be walkin' in heels on them cobbled streets. I've been reminded that there are little things that make it all okay (I know right, straight out of la fromagerie).

Paris, it's been nice but I'm ready to find my niche in Montpellier tomorrow!
le Palais Royale