06 March 2014

Roommates : Bah'ai

One late night Saturday, my roommate and I were deep in conversation when two guys started knocking on the neighbor's door. And continued. And continued. We peeked underneath our blinds to see what was going on and got caught. Finally, it's our door they were knocking on.
" Um, excuse us but could we borrow paper and pen? "
" Well, I don't know you " I said.
" It's Nicholas, Nico! "
" I don't know a Nico. "
" Well we're just trying to to leave a note for our friend. She's coming into town blah, blah, blah... Seattle... "
" Isn't that what phones are for? "
" Well he doesn't have one and I don't have the phone number. "
" This is kind of weird you know?"
" No no, we're non-threatening. We're bah'ai. Well, he is. "
" Ok, I don't care about your sexuality. "
" Ha no, it's a religion. We like three sexualities. "
I slowly got up to get an index card and pen. I opened the door.
" Do you have a sticky-note? "
" Dude, you're pushing it" said the other, " Maybe some tape? "
" No I don't. Put it in the screen door. "
I shut the door.

This has been a true story.
The End.

25 February 2014

Roommates : Hoarse Cat

Our neighbor, we call him Schwinn (more on him later), has a cat named Hoarse Cat. One day it decided to pay us a visit by window pane.

23 February 2014

Roommates : BYOP

Although we have yet to have any dinner parties, parties or even friend movie times at our apartment due to our 'mononucleosis' and general anti-social behavior, this is what it would look like if we were to invite you over to share a plate of food.

17 February 2014

Roommates : Oven Mit

Getting our ducks in our row has been quite silly. Gathering all needed utensils, tools and gadgets has led to some innovation and compromise. 

15 February 2014

Roommates : Stealing Wifi

I moved into a new apartment. It's perfect and I hardly ever want to leave. However, there are certain quirks that make it that much more of an adventure. I've sketched up some comics to explain the situation.

07 February 2014

The Perks of Strep

I've come down with the sickness and now, after two shots in the bum, a bunch of antibiotics and salt rinses later, I have the time (a week) and energy away from work to reflect. This is what I've decided : having strep (besides the whole nasty bacteria in the back of my throat problem) was a great thing to have come into my life at this moment. Here's why :
  • watching all eight Harry Potter's in a row
  • getting back to sketching
  • naps whenever I please
  • writing
  • a stay - (in bed) - cation
  • lost about six pounds
  • sitting with my roommate until 2 PM before finally actually doing something
  • tea
  • decorating my apartment
  • the care of my mama and papa
  • reading
  • realizing this blog needed major TLC
  • texting my mom and best friend a lot
  • being in bed wrapped up in two comforters while the heat is set to 70
  • having an excuse to be anti-social
  • writing down my ideas
Perhaps most importantly, that in this whirlwind of working full time and being involved in many things and many lives I might not have focused on doing nothing and allowed my creative energy to shine through anymore. I missed starting projects and then eventually getting them done. I even missed pacing my personal space. I'm a creative person and I had lost that quite a bit. Forty hours a week is a lot to commit to a spot where you're there just to fill a role. I still love my job but I might need to remember that I love my not-job life more. I'd like to refocus on rebuilding that, even with a stuffy nose.