29 August 2012


As a new year starts it seems more clear that my previous one is leaving me behind. This continuous locomotive is pushing and trudging and pretty soon, before I know it it'll be time for me to get off of the B.A. Express. I can't help but hope that everything has mattered though, that my life and the lives of those I've crashed into are somehow shifted: by school, by work, by life and by love.

Because no vehicle of thought leaves a crash sight without a bit of leftover scrap metal underneath their skin.

My time in France is still a mystery; how that portion of time will affect me as my final year of organizing folders and writing on college ruled paper approaches and passes me by remains unclear. But I guess I'm ready?!

La France, tu me manques un peu.

08 August 2012

Mildred Does the Olympics

Watching the Olympics with my 101 year old client inspires some of the most interesting commentary.

Here is just a tidbit of the funny things she says:

While watching women's volleyball
Mildred: "Are those afros on the American team?"
Me: "Yes, that's team USA"
Mildred: "I don't know..."

While watching women's water polo
"My, those are some big girls and some tiny swimsuits."

While watching men's volleyball
"There's some good looking men on the team. Oh, and then there are some not so good looking ones..."
"He must be Jewish, he's got a big nose and all"

05 August 2012

123 Cold Cucumber Soup

3 cucumbers
2 cups greek yogurt
1 sprig mint
splashes of olive oil and lemon juice

This is a recipe passed down from my boss and is the perfect remedy to a hot day.
Take all the ingredients and throw them in a blender. Blend until smooth and garnish with your herb of choice. For a smoother texture, peel and take out the seeds. By using the basic cucumber and yogurt base, you can most definitely play around with different flavors. Try a bit paprika, or parsley and chive!