30 September 2013

When Inspiration Strikes...


"Spiritual progress is a spiral advance. We start as infants in the animal eternity of life in the moment, without anxiety for the future or regret for the past; we grow up into the specifically human condition of those who look before and after, who live to a great extent, not in the present but in memory and anticipation, not spontaneously but by rule and with prudence, in repentance and fear and hope; and we can continue, if we so desire, up and on in a returning sweep towards a point corresponding to our starting place in animality, but incommensurably above it. Once more life is lived in the moment -- the life now, not of a sub-human creature, but of a being in whom charity has cast out fear, vision has taken the place of hope, selflessness has put a stop to the positive egotism of complacent reminiscence and the negative egotism of remorse. The present moment is the only aperture through which the soul can pass out of time into eternity, through which grace can pass out of eternity into the soul and through which charity can pass from one soul in time to another soul in time."

- Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy

17 September 2013


Sometimes life is just like "Hey! You're going to be really busy now and every day the hours are going to fly by and you're not going to have time to process anything that's happening". Maybe it's because I'm 'living life to the fullest' or it could be because I'm dumb and overly ambitious. I spend my sleeping time trying to make sense of the day and my daytime moving, sitting and planning. But that's how it goes and I like it.

So here's a photo of the finally finished Van Gogh sculpture I did: